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AMBRA Cloud Collection

Luxury Represented by Quality


Carlotta Ambra is a fashion designer and the founder of the contemporary handbag brand AMBRA. Born in Rome and having studied economics and commerce, Carlotta embarked on an ambitious journey to follow her dream in fashion. This led her to Paris and London, where she worked with renowned designers specialising in leather and apparel. These early experiences inspired her to create her own collection that reflects her personal style and showcases the quality craftsmanship Italy has to offer.

Italian Craftsmanship

Every element of an AMBRA bag has been meticulously handcrafted in Italy, including the zips and hardware, which are specially produced in Tuscany. The cotton interior lining is made from natural cotton fibres that resemble suede for a luxurious finish. The finest natural-grain calfskin leather is used and the tanning process is non-toxic and chemical free. The leather is then custom engineered to be ultra lightweight, making each bag functional while emulating the lightness of a cloud. 

Unique in Design & Detail

Carlotta explains, “the creative process was multifaceted. As a designer I took trends into consideration, but I wanted my collection to be renowned for being timeless but modern. An AMBRA bag is luxurious without being coveted as a status symbol, rather it is celebrated for being ‘Made In Italy’ using the finest quality materials. This is why I turned to nature for a unique and understated design; I have been inspired by the simplicity of a falling leaf, a cloud in the sky.”

Be Inspired

Having successfully pursued her dream, an AMBRA handbag is a piece of art that conveys the emotions and philosophy of its creator:

Passion for life and every goal we set that determines our path.

Respect for everything, people, animals and the environment. 

Love for life, because there are people who don’t have the privilege of waking up in the morning to see the sky and smile.

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Luxury Represented by Quality