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We are passionate about quality and meticulous about detail, and so are our partners

Artisans and Designers

Traditions have influenced life in Italy for centuries, and continue to today. The designers that we partner with tell a story of generational artistry, like a time-tested craft passed down from a father to his son. Our goal is to empower these entrepreneurs and share Italy's rich cultural legacies with you.


Italy is best known for its landmark art, ancient ruins and perhaps its renowned fashion scene.

Our team is hard at work sourcing the finest artisans and designers in all corners of Italy to bring their products directly to your doorstep.


In a world of fast fashion and over consumption, we wanted to create an independent market for designers that value tradition and quality. We believe our strength lies in our community and so the most important aspects of our work include supporting local economies so that Italian craftsmanship is preserved for centuries more.

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