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Our Dream

Pietro, our co-founder, originally from Sicily, grew up in Biella near Milan where his early love for fashion evolved. Years later and all grown up, his professional career in tech presented the opportunity to move to London. One evening, during covid, he wished to be back home and missed exploring the off-the-beaten-path bottegas. After plenty wine and food, Italian of course, he spoke passionately about the countless boutiques that have been hit hard by lock-down. Heartbreakingly, the myriad of local traditions and unique shopping opportunities had been deeply affected. This inspired his dream of creating an e-commerce platform dedicated to supporting local designers with accessing the global market. He envisioned Monteleone as a shopping serendipity that would take you on a tour of the phenomenal artisanal legacy of Italy, no matter where you are in the world.

Fast forward to today, our collections uncover one-of-a-kind boutiques and hidden workshops that pride themselves on closely guarded century-old techniques. Piece by piece, each garment is created by hand using the finest materials from Italy.

For many of us, selecting a silk scarf, custom designed hat, or leather bag can be intimidating; how do you know if you’re buying something authentic, made in Italy and created traditionally? How do you gauge how much you should pay and if it’s overpriced? Unfortunately, there is no substitute for a knowledgeable buyer and we’re here to help you put your money where it counts: back into the pockets of authentic artisans. 

Today we are a team of men and women from Italy, the United Kingdom, Tanzania, South Africa and Canada. Our expertise include e-commerce, fashion, marketing and finance. While we can’t offer an immersive travel experience, we can offer you a piece of Italy that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. We’re passionate about ‘made in Italy’ products and we’re here to connect you directly with the artisans that skillfully make each unique piece.

Pietro Novelli, Co-founder

With over 10 years of marketing success in everything from door-to-door sales to being a senior marketing executive in big tech, Pietro is our creative director and expert in e-commerce, fashion and marketing.

Kunaal Chande, Co-founder

Starting his career in venture capital to specializing in rapid growth start-ups along with experience in FinTech, Kunaal is our financial advisor driving scalable business processes at every step.

Our Story

A "Made in Italy" Tradition

Our Mission

We pay homage to tradition by providing top local artisans with a platform to showcase and sell their bespoke merchandise and tell their story.

Our strength lies in our community and so the most important aspects of our work include supporting local economies so that traditional craftsmanship is preserved for centuries more.

Our Vision

In a world of fast fashion and over consumption, we wanted to create an independent market for designers and artisans that value tradition and quality.

We strive to empower these entrepreneurs and creative communities by providing them with the tools and expertise to launch their brands globally.

Our Team

Our team spirit looks a lot like entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for world-class design. We are a diverse team of leaders from Italy, the United Kingdom, Tanzania, South Africa, and Canada with backgrounds in ecommerce, fashion, marketing, finance, baking and breakdancing.

Our Values

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